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475 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1XY

Toronto Timepiece Show

Sept. 27th, 2024
Opening Night Invitational Event
7PM - 10:30PM

Sept. 28th, 2024
Public Show
11:00AM - 5:30PM

Sept. 29th, 2024
Public Show
11:00AM - 5:30PM

Toronto Timepiece Show

September 27 - 29, 2024

Public Show Hours
September 28 Saturday 10:00am - 5:30pm

September 29 Sunday 11:00am - 5:30pm

Tickets required for entry

475 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1XY


We are truly excited to bring to you the Toronto Timepiece Show taking place in beautiful downtown Toronto, Canada. You are invited to join us at the Courtyard Marriott (475 Yonge Street) in downtown Toronto where over 5,500 square feet of exhibit space will be transformed into an amazing experience for all watch enthusiasts. This exclusive event takes place over three days - Friday, September 27th, Saturday, September 28th and Sunday,September 29th, 2024. There will be 40+ timepiece brands participating along with special guests and panels will make this show an amazing experience for all who attend.

Get ready to meet fellow watch enthusiasts and experience the amazing timepieces our brand exhibitors will be showcasing and immerse yourself in the world of horology as you engage face to face with brand owners and brand representatives. From the classic designs of heritage brands to cutting-edge innovations, the Toronto TImepiece show will offer an exceptional experience throughout this incredible weekend!

General admission to the show is completely free. Register today at the link provided at the top of this page to secure your spot to attend the show and please give us a follow on our Instagram account @torontotimepieceshow to stay up to date with all show details.

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Toronto Timepiece Show room rate available from Courtyard Marriott Toronto Downtown

Start Date to Friday September 27, 2024

End Date to Sunday September 29, 2024

Last Day to Book: Friday, July 26, 2024

Hotel(s) offering your special group rate: Courtyard Toronto Downtown for 400 CAD per night

Book your group rate for Toronto Timepiece Show

Alternatively, attendees can also call Marriott Reservations and make a booking at 1 (800) 847-5075

General admission to the show is completely free. Register today at the link provided above to secure your spot to attend and please give us a follow on our Instagram account @torontotimepieceshow to stay up to date with all show details.


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Christopher Ward is an Anglo-Swiss watchmaker with a simple aim: to put premium quality watches within the reach of everyone. Founded in 2004, the company prides itself on combining traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques with contemporary English design. Models like the C1 Bel Canto, C60 Trident Pro 300, C1 Moonphase, and C63 Sealander GMT are admired among watch lovers, while CW’s Calibre SH21 (launched in 2014) was the first in-house mechanical movement form an English brand in over 50 years.

StrapsCo is a renowned brand in the world of watch straps and accessories, offering a diverse range of high-quality products tailored to the needs of watch enthusiasts. With a commitment of quality, selection and value, StrapsCo has earned a solid reputation for delivering exceptional watch bands at an honest price.
One of StrapsCo's standout features is its extensive selection of watch straps featuring one of the largest assortments in the world with over 500,000 straps in stock in its Montreal warehouse including leather, nylon, silicone, FKM rubber, stainless steel, and more.
With a commitment to customer satisfaction and a dedication to providing high-quality products, StrapsCo has established itself as a trusted name in the watch accessory industry.

Established in 2016 in Harpenden, England, Isotope Watches' mission is to excel in producing exceptionally creative and affordable designs that push the boundaries of watchmaking. With a steadfast commitment to innovative production methods and ethical business practices, Isotope is swiftly emerging as one of the most inventive and renowned independent watch brands.

Colorado Watch Company, the latest addition to the Vortic family, represents the culmination of five years of meticulous craftsmanship and innovation. We're thrilled to unveil our new line of fully modern, compact wristwatches, each powered by an American-assembled automatic movement.
A new brand of Vortic Watch Company, Colorado Watch Company upholds our commitment to American-made excellence. With the creation of this new brand, we asked ourselves a new question: “How much of a watch can we make in the USA while keeping the price around $1,000?” The answer is 87%. Nearly every component of these watches is American-made, especially the large metal components, like case and dial, which are machined from solid blocks of steel in our Fort Collins, Colorado manufacturing facility.
While rooted in our shared mission to create high-quality American products, this new venture allows us to reach a broader audience as well as explore new ideas we’ve had along the way. The watches are smaller and more attainable than a Vortic watch, but they’re also much more water resistant. Between our Field Watch and “The GCT” there’s something for everyone.
Just as with Vortic, our philosophy remains grounded in preserving and celebrating American history, one watch at a time. We're excited to invite you to explore this new chapter in American timekeeping, where precision, heritage, and innovation continue to define our legacy.

Vortic Watch Company salvages and restores antique American pocket watches and turns them into one-of-a-kind wristwatches. Each watch tells a story. The old saying “they don’t make them like they used to,” is our motto. We quite literally preserve pieces of American history one watch at a time.
Every Vortic watch starts with the heart of an original pocket watch. The dial, the hands, and the movement are painstakingly and meticulously restored by our team of watchmakers. Next, we select the case, crown, and leather design best fitting of that little historical engine. Finally, the metal components are machined from solid blocks of titanium, bronze, or steel in our Fort Collins, Colorado manufacturing facility.
Vortic Watch Company started by asking what we thought was a simple question: “Can you make a watch in America?” Fast forward ten years, and we’re still one of the only American watch manufacturers, and certainly one of the few that can proudly stamp “Made in USA” on the back of every wristwatch.
Our small but dedicated team of watchmakers pours into every piece, ensuring that each Vortic watch is a masterpiece in its own right. We only produce a few hundred watches annually, and although most of our pieces are unique, we also make a limited edition called the Military Edition that you just have to see.

Jack Mason was founded in 2015 out of Dallas, Texas specializing in watches with a classic design language. Our mission is to build a premium American identity through story-telling and luxury-grade watches. Jack Mason watches are built in the US with Japanese and Swiss mechanical movements. With over 20 years of watch design and industry experience, Peter Cho, co-founder, has a single focus of becoming a legacy brand and household name in their home state of Texas.

MINASE, the boutique watch manufacturer of Japan

Minase timepieces have been sold exclusively in Japan since 2005. This is Japan’s smallest watch factory. Creating fewer than 500 units per year, Minase products are rare, authentic and unique thanks to the outstanding artisan work of its watchmakers and technicians.

The « case in case » structure does not feature a dial in the proper sense of the term. It consists of several elements made in steel and building up the heart of each watch: the index ring, the dial plate and the case back are wrapping up the movement and create a separate entity that seems suspended inside the watch. This tri-dimension ensemble - completed with hands with curved tips - is securely positioned inside the case.
MINASE belongs to the rare watch brands to offer high-end « Sallaz" finishing technique on its components. This hand-made process requires up to 50 operations and at least 15 hours of remarkable craftsmanship and know-how to complete each watch with admirable and perfect the mirror polished surfaces.
Finally, the MORE concept is coherent with the DNA of the MINASE brand: to offer rare and magnificent products of traditional hand finishing for an exceptional quality. This unique approach is inspired by the Japanese jigsaw puzzle art. Most components can be disassembled, overhauled, repaired and restored. Thus, these beautiful objects remain timeless.

All Minase Timepieces are powered by high quality Swiss mecanical movements.
Product image

The Fears Watch Company, known as ‘Fears’, is a family-run British watch company that was originally founded in 1846 by Edwin Fear. Fears is now paradoxically one of Britain’s oldest and youngest watch brands, having been dormant from the late 1970’s until being re-established in 2016.

Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, the now 4th-managing director and great-great-great-grandson of Edwin Fear, has brought the company back to its original and historic home city of Bristol where their watches are designed.

The Fears mantra is ‘Elegantly Understated’ and that can be seen throughout their watches that are still proudly hand-built in Britain. The Fears collection is a sophisticated, yet contemporary range of watches that retain inspiration from their vast archive.
Product image

Marathon Watch Company’s roots were laid well over a century ago in 1904 when Hersh Wein founded Weinstrum Watch, later to be renamed Wein Brothers. The second generation of the Wein family was then deployed worldwide to begin their own watch businesses, with Morris Wein, son of Hersh Wein, founding Marathon in Montreal, Canada in 1939. The head office being located in just above a popular cafe frequented by members of the dept of defense. By 1941, Marathon was officially supplying wristwatches and timing instruments to Allied forces.

Today, Marathon is headquartered in Vaughan, Canada with the brand’s wristwatch assembly based in their own factory in heart of Swiss watchmaking country, the historical town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Marathon has continued its purpose-built legacy for over 80 years, still actively developing and supplying timepieces and other equipment under contract to the Government of Canadian, U.S Government., British Government and other Allied forces.
Product image

Launched in 2015, Farer is an independent British watch company driven by a horological passion for detail, design, and most importantly, difference. For Farer, it’s not enough to just make high-quality luxury watches, they want to bring something unique to the world of horology. Designed in Britain, each of their watches offers a fresh take on a specific watch genre, and the brand is known for its unusual use of colour and finishes to subvert classic design elements. Whilst the watches are designed in the UK, they are manufactured in Switzerland in factories that supply watches to some of the most well-known Swiss brands. By combining the British flair for design with the manufacturing expertise of the Swiss, Farer ensures that the finished products meet both their own and their customers’ high standards.

Three generations making authentic mechanical tool watches in Germany, since 1955. Rooted in Pforzheim, one of Germany’s oldest horological centers, Circula is a family-owned brand producing distinctive looking, accurate, and reliable tool watches for more than 60 years. The current collection oscillates between new designs of classical tool watches and modern re-interpretations of past Circula references. Circula creates watches that are sturdy and perfectly suited for all your adventures, both on and off-land.

Founded by Jason Hutton in 2019, ZENEA watches launched their first line, the ZENEA Ula Diver at the start of 2020. ZENEA Watches was created with the goal of providing Canadian designed Swiss made timepieces that pair contemporary style with classically inspired design elements to produce a well designed and exceptional timepiece. ZENEA is based out of Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

Based in Toronto, ON, Wilk Watchworks takes inspiration from the worlds of science, mechanics, design, and nature to create unique, handcrafted timepieces. We use techniques from artistic jewellery making to achieve a result that is separate from mainstream watchmaking and allows us the freedom to be able to design and fabricate custom one-off timepieces for our clients. We also produce many of our own unique designs created by Scott Wilk, using a variety of movement types such as skeleton, mechanical, quartz, and tourbillon, with a focus on customizability.

Locke & King was founded in 2020 by Hamilton, Ontario entrepreneur Ryan Moran. Following the loss of his job due to the impacts of the pandemic, he chose to view this challenge as a turning point in his career, a time to do his own thing. Having always loved watches, Moran dreamt of creating a Canadian timepiece company, one that reflected the “roll up your sleeves,” underdog character of his hometown, and created classically designed, enduring automatic watches for everyday heroes to “make their own time.” Since then, Locke & King - named for an intersection in Ryan’s Hamilton neighbourhood - has already proven popular among collectors and casual buyers alike, selling out its first line to customers both across Canada and the world.

Our story starts on the shores of Lake Ontario in Whitby. Home to the first clock manufacturing company in Canada; the training grounds of World War II spies which also doubled as a communications hub for relaying secret messages and broken enemy codes; and the lake in which the world’s fastest jet plane was shot into for testing and later sunk in its demise. Sounds like time telling a story and that is how we envisioned watch packages with rich Canadian Heritage being presented. Whitby Watch Co. strives to create quality watches and deliver them with a passionate story or inspiration from Canadian people, places and history, thus sharing a horological connection to a country full of adventure. Founded in 2018, WWCo. is proud to assemble special edition watch lines in Canada with well-priced movements and use local suppliers to curate unique timepiece packages.

Swiss Watch Company (SWC) was founded in 1996 by Stephen Roemer and got its start making watches for the armed forces and first responders. We produced watches for these organizations until 2008, which is where we began facilitating manufacturing for other watch brands. To this day we still handle the manufacturing for many reputable brands, but our real goal was always to create our own line of watches. In 2018 Stephen paired with his son Joshua launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for our SWC diver. Since then, two of Stephen's other sons have also joined the brand, Jeremy who is our watchmaker in Switzerland, and Jacob, who handles all of the communications and oversees operations. We are fully family run and love producing high quality Swiss Made watches at an affordable price.

Terrycrafted Inc. is a leather goods atelier that specializes in hand crafting bespoke watch straps and other small leather accessories such as wallets, watch trays, watch travel cases (“watch rolls”) and watch pouches. The Company started out as a hobby in 2016 and in December 2021, the founder Terry took the hobby into a full-time venture. All of the products offered at Terrycrafted are designed and produced in house and hand made by Terry and his full time artisans in Oakville Ontario. Terrycrafted offers a wide range of colors and leather options sourced from major leather tanneries around the world, of which many are the same tanneries that also supply luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hermes. Terrycrafted specializes in exotic leathers including alligator, beaver tail, stingray, shark and more. Currently, the Company is one of the leading full bespoke watch strap ateliers in Canada.

Automotive inspired apparel and accessories for the discerning car and watch enthusiast.

ARES Watch Co.

ARES is a US manufacturer of tool watches, specializing in hard-use operational mission timers: the 1000m DIVER-1, the 300m titanium FIELD-1, and 1000m Global Mission Timer (GMT). ARES Mission Timers are hand-built in the USA and are guaranteed for life.

Farr + Swit is an independent watch and apparel company focused on creating quality timepieces that are hand built in the United States Midwest and powered by high end Swiss and Japanese movements.

The brand name, Havaan Tuvali originated from the Taiwanese aboriginal Burun tribe language meaning “The deer’s sunset”. The ancient Burun people believed that at sunset, when the deer came out from the forest to browse for food and water, that’s the time for the people to finish up their day of work, in some ways, it is also how they tell time. Why do I make watches? 'cause I fricking love watches, and I want to share my creations with the world.

For many years, Prestex watches were part of everyday life: an essential accessory that equipped generations of families and kept them elegantly on time, thanks to their classic British time-pieces that combined handsome looks with reliable accuracy.

Right up to the 1960s, when the brand was discontinued, Prestex showcased the quality and dedication of a family business that always put thier customers first.

in 2020. the Prestex name was born again. Nearly 100 years after the company was originally founded, Neil Duckworth resurrected his grandfather's watch brand and matched it with his own family name to create Duckworth Prestex.

These take the original Prestex designs from days gone by and update them with modern watchmaking technology.

The chronographs echo the pocket watches that began the Prestex story in the 1920s, while the automatic is a tribute to the later Prestex watches. The Bolton Pays homage to the town where the company was originally born, and the Belmont is a diving watch named after a nearby village, which was home to a sailing club.

All these watches, and those that follow them, tell a very personal story of how the brand came to be and what it stands for Tradition reinvented.

Why can’t horology be a little more playful from time to time? In an oh-so-serious industry, Studio Underd0g offers a fresh and playful perspective.

Selten is a contemporary watch company that is open to different ideas, creative thinking, unique materials, and an overall fresh approach to making timepieces.

Leonardo Tsai from Hong Kong started Selten in 2017. Coming from a watch dial making family, he has a huge crash in watches ever since he was young. The first launch of Selten’s meteorite series 00& 01 are truly stunning. Leonardo spent 4 years in R&D to perfect them. Later in 2023, the second model (Salvage bronze) diver was born with a hand patina’d dial, each one is one of the kind.

The name “SELTEN” is taken from the German word for “rare”—due to the utmost respect for German watchmaking. According to Leonardo, “The quality, craftsmanship, and beauty of German watches, as well as the resilience of the German watchmaking industry, serve strongly as inspiration to me.”

HasNoBounds is a handcrafted leather strap maker from Hong Kong. The brand offers a handful of exciting strap selections with thoughtful designs as well as watch storages, using the finest leather sourced from the top tanneries in the globe.

Kristine Lam, the name behind the brand, revealed that starting this strap business back in 2022 with a close friend, was initially to help out Kristine’s husband Leo, since his microbrand Selten struggled to find quality leather straps for his first launch. Having a background in Interior design, and a good eye for fine things and good craftsmanship, the whole leather sourcing became handy. The initial line was the Museum Calf, which soon expanded, and HasNoBounds now offers ready-made and bespoke straps to serve a wide range of customers.

The premier choice for military units MICROMILSPEC develops custom watches in close collaboration with military units and select organizations. Our custom watches are designed to be reliable companions for both daily activities and special situations. Situations where every second counts.
Product image

SPHAERA Watch Co. is the realization of a long-awaited dream of the three watch enthusiasts Martin Ebner, Daniel Deák and Michael Jug. By pooling their skills, they were able to launch Salzburg´s first watch manufacture in 2023 and give their creativity free rein.

SPHAERA - The manufacture in Salzburg

The three are united by a passion for adventure. They find inspiration for their watches in the rich culture and dynamic surroundings of the city of Salzburg. Timepieces for authentic people with character and a thirst for adventure. SPHAERA - Latin for sphere - symbolizes the wholeness of time. It determines our lives and we have to make the most of it. Everyone is the architect of their own happiness. It is the stories of our experiences that define us.

They create the watches in their studio surrounded by mountains. From the idea to the design to the production of most of the components, the timepieces are prepared for each of your challenges.
In close cooperation with regional suppliers, the complex components and movements are manufactured after their requirements. These are then assembled, and hand finished in their Atelier, which to guarantee a high standard, is limited to a quantity of 300 watches/year.

Vario (since 2016) is an online store for watches and watch accessories that allows you to vary and expand your unique style and grow your personal watch and accessories collection. Our brand is about variation and striking a balance between sophistication, quality, and fun. As we all know, there is no better statement of your sophistication than a smart looking wrist watch. Ivan's watch design journey began when he couldn't find a watch strap that shouts out his personality and thus Vario was born in 2016. Armed with his decade of experience in design as an award winning graphic designer running his own studio along with Judy, he brings the same dedication to the watches he design and produce. All of our watch models will be released one at a time with small production runs so they receive the attention they deserve. Our high quality watches are individually inspected and tested in Singapore.As such, your Vario timepiece will always be a limited piece that will serve you for a long time and we will stand behind each and every watch we make.

Visitor Watch Co. was founded in 2013 not to simply “make watches,” but to serve as a creative outlet at the intersection of art and mechanics. Every watch starts with a blank sheet and a pencil. Every element we are capable of designing ourselves, we design ourselves. You won’t find catalog cases or “homage” aesthetics here - our designs are offbeat and idiosyncratic while remaining (we hope) immediately familiar and approachable, like a vintage piece from a parallel universe. But, stated simply, we just make what we like and hope there are others out there who like it, too.

Beaucroft creates classic mechanical watches with a fresh modern flair, that capture the vibes of Cambridge, the city where the brand began. Beaucroft watches are understated yet playful, with bold colours and striking design details, fully hand assembled and regulated in Great Britain.

Since 2020 Beaucroft has designed classic watches from the heart of Cambridge UK. Through a blend of old timekeeping techniques and modern watch design styling Beaucroft brings the best of the old and new worlds together, creating both signature and Bespoke watches that are affordably priced and beautifully finished. In every design Beaucroft strives to create a modern, yet classically beautiful watch that will look as fresh in years to come as it does on day one.

Maison d’Aphelion is a burgeoning Black-owned luxury watch brand, based out of Buffalo, New York but serving the world, born out of a love of high-end timepieces and a passion for culture, for history, for jewelry, and for nature. With an unwavering commitment to using premium materials, innovative designs, and artistic flair, “La Maison” provides a unique spin on timepieces, telling oft-unheard stories and celebrating life in celestial motion. Currently, Maison d’Aphelion is taking preorders for the Pistris Collection, La Maison’s first foray into the timepiece world, featuring Swiss quartz movements, 316L stainless steel cases, genuine stone dials (lapis lazuli, malachite, howlite, Nero marquina, and rainbow stone), and exotic leather straps (stingray, crocodile, and shark) in beautiful, bold, large tank-style masterpieces. We are excited to bring our flavor to Toronto!

Laco is a renowned German watch company with a proud heritage spanning decades of crafting high-quality timepieces. Emerging onto the scene in the 1940s with its groundbreaking Ø 55 mm navigation watches, Laco quickly established itself as a leader in precision watchmaking. Evolving over the years, Laco has become synonymous with aviation-inspired designs, capturing the essence of adventure and exploration.

At the heart of each Laco timepiece lies the hallmark of "Made in Germany" craftsmanship, a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, every watch embodies the fusion of traditional craftmanship with modern innovation.

From classic pilot watches reminiscent of the golden age of aviation to contemporary interpretations that combine style with functionality, Laco offers a diverse range of designs to suit every taste and preference. Whether it's the enduring elegance of a navy watch or the rugged durability of a squad watch, each timepiece exudes timeless sophistication and charm.

Laco watches are more than just accessories; they are symbols of craftsmanship, passion, and the relentless pursuit of horological perfection. With a Laco watch on your wrist, you carry with you a piece of history and a testament to the enduring legacy of German watchmaking excellence.

Originating from Glashütte, renowned for its horological heritage, Bruno Söhnle embodies a fusion of precision craftsmanship and elegance. Established in 2000, the brand swiftly garnered acclaim for its impeccable timepieces, characterized by aesthetic allure and technical excellence.

In addition to hand-wound and automatic movements, Bruno Söhnle presents a diverse selection of watches featuring refined quartz movements. True to the brand's commitment to transparency, these quartz timepieces showcase exquisite finishes through a transparent case back.

Crafting hand-wound movements involves mounting a classic, in-house produced ¾ plate onto the base plate of a Unitas 6498. The finishing includes thermally blued screws, 18k gold chatons, beveled edges, Glashütte stripe finishing, hand-applied perlage, and electroplating.

For automatic movements, Bruno Söhnle primarily utilizes the Sellita SW200 base, meticulously adorned with hand-applied perlage on the bridges and thermally blued screws. Subsequently, the movement is regulated, assembled, and adorned with an in-house rotor. Depending on the complication, the watchmaker may assemble the appropriate module, such as a regulator dial or a power reserve indicator.

The brand's attention to detail extends to quartz movements as well. Quartz movements from the esteemed Swiss brand Ronda undergo disassembly. The cover plate receives decorative Glashütte stripe finishing, and visible coils are colored before everything is secured with thermally blued screws.


Founded in 2017 by brothers Alberto and Alessandro Morelli, Venezianico embodies the fusion of passion for watchmaking and design. During their university years at Ca' Foscari, the two brothers began to outline their vision: to create watches that not only expressed craftsmanship, but also captured the authentic soul of Venice, the city where they were born and raised. Venezianico stands out for its relentless pursuit of innovation and originality, always mindful of the historical and cultural heritage of Venice. The brand's logo, inspired by the cross atop the Clock Tower of St. Mark's Square, symbolizing time in the lagoon city, embodies this pioneering spirit and constant quest for beauty. With Venezianico, every watch becomes a bridge between the past and the future, uniting Venetian tradition with the ongoing pursuit of innovation in watchmaking.

«My passion for watchmaking was born the day I discovered my father’s watch collection. I sadly didn’t know him enough, he was a photographer, collector, and true enthusiast. For years, he minutely kept a diary in which he kept a trace of every watch that crossed his path in his life. This adventure is the best tribute I could pay to my father and the ideal way to express my inspirations. From transmission to passion, from passion to creation. Thank you for keeping this story alive.»

Etienne Malec

Our aim is to offer timeless pieces, of the highest quality, for fair prices. The horology has drastically changed the past decade, and we would like to take part in this new era by offering direct-to-consumer sales.

Since the start, Core Timepieces has been providing ways for you to pause and reflect on your thoughts, beliefs, and motivations. We are named Core Timepieces because we truly believe in individuality. Enabling people to recognize what is at their core drives us to develop new product. We invite you to join us on our journey of exploring what your passion is. What you embrace and What you rebel against on your daily travels. Welcome to the show.

The Brew watch collection is designed to celebrate and capture our enjoyable coffee experiences. I've drawn inspiration from industrial espresso machines, which feature a special blend of warm contrasting colors and a variety of brushing effects. This combination of colors and textures help to emphasize every component that is used to create this beautiful timepiece. Similar to an espresso machine, they express their own industrial nature with unique vented aesthetics seen on the sides, caseback, and crown.

I was able to collectively take my passion and design process and immerse it all within the Brew collection. Ultimately, I want others to feel more connected with the daily ritual they enjoy. It's my mission to share this story, and also to allow you to personally relate to this unique piece and remind you of the importance of time.

Timeless began with a question: why is an original and attractive design usually associated with a high price tag? Then, thinking about watches, we turned the question around: why are affordable watches generally so insignificant? Why do they so rarely surprise, delight or provide lasting pleasure to their owners?

To do this, we knew that we had to define our own path, to put all our energy into a fresh perspective, to evolve in a spirit of independence, to be...Timeless.

As we sought to answer those questions, a more fundamental question arose – and to us it became a challenge. Rather than just accepting the status quo, why not create a completely new brand – designing timepieces that are both beautiful and functional; useful and a pleasure to wear? Objects to become attached to. Watches that speak of our individual styles. Watches for the way we live in the 21st century. Memorable, distinctive designs that transcend fashion. Watches that make us feel good – without ruining us.

Etien was found by Tien and the brand was born from a transformative experience at the Fabergé Egg Exhibition in China in 2016. Immersed in the intricate details and timeless allure of Fabergé's masterpieces, Tien found inspiration to create something equally enchanting. The exhibition, a showcase of exquisite craftsmanship and opulent design, left a lasting impression on Tien. Each piece's meticulous artistry and historical significance stirred a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and artistry.

This pivotal moment ignited a creative spark within Tien, driving an ambition to create something that could similarly captivate and endure through time. Tien embarked on a journey to marry the best of traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, aiming to forge a unique path in the world of horology. The vision was clear: to design and produce watches that are not just functional timepieces but true embodiments of refined taste and enduring beauty.

Each ETIEN watch is crafted with a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every piece reflects the blend of classic elegance and modern innovation. Through this harmonious fusion, Tien aspires to bring forth creations that honor traditional craftsmanship while embracing the advancements of contemporary technology. The goal is to offer timepieces that stand as symbols of sophistication, appealing to those who appreciate the finer things in life.


"Established in 2020, Haim Watch Company is a boutique brand rooted in Chicago, dedicated to our love for horology. Our mission is to bring the art of watchmaking to life in a way that is accessible to everyone.

At Haim Watch Co., we offer refined horological aesthetics designed to appeal to all individuals. We firmly believe that a finely crafted timepiece should adorn every wrist, whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the world of watches.

As passionate watch enthusiasts ourselves, we appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship found in both established luxury brands and independent artisans. Our journey as collectors has led us to ponder the question: "What defines the perfect watch?" It is this pursuit of perfection that drives and inspires us at Haim Watch Company."


elegant design and universal size, which winds up with the movement of the wrist. It emphasizes your sophisticated taste and style. The name “Ori” was given because this is the second watch in a row, which is assembled in our country. “Ori” means “TWO” in Georgian. This is how we continue to create a culture of watch production in Georgia.

MIYOTA 9015 Automatic Movement
Water Resistance 3ATM
20mm Metal Band / Leather Strap
Limited edition
Assembled in Georgia


Watch is inspired by the WWII legendary airplane P-47 Thunderbolt designed by famous Alexander Kartveli (Kartvelishvili). Chronograph outlines the design details of the plane and even the color palette is taken according to the original aircraft. One of the interesting details is tilted sub-dial at 10H which looks not ordinary and is inspired from the altitude instrument.

The chronograph has a unique wooden packaging in military style which has won prestigious RED DOT award.

Ronda 5040D Quartz Movement
Diameter 47 mm
Water resistance 5 ATM
Numerals and Hands with Superluminova
22mm Genuine leather strap With Extra ZULU strap
Swiss made


The British sports cars served as the main inspiration for SEVEN expressing designer’s love and passion for legendary cars. It reflects significant characters, elements and colors of sports cars. SEVEN is not only the lucky number of the brand but the symbol and precondition for success.

Ronda 5040B Quartz Movement
Diameter 46 mm
Water resistance 5 ATM
22mm Rubber Strap / Metal Band
Swiss made

“SEVEN 32mm”

SEVEN’s design is unique in any size. Regardless its size your wrist will be in the center of attention.

Ronda 1064 Quartz Movement
Diameter 32 mm
Water Resistance 3 ATM
16mm Metal Band / Leather Strap
Limited edition
Swiss made


“SEVEN” - minimalistic, with or without gems, chronograph - the choice is yours...

Ronda 5040E Quartz Movement
Diameter 40 mm
Water Resistance 5ATM
20mm Rubber strap
Limited edition


The most distinctive model from SEVEN collections. It accurately delivers the sophisticated and incomparable character of the brand. Every detail is crafted with remarkable passion.

Movement ETA 2824-2
Diameter 47 mm
Water resistance 5 ATM
22mm Rubber Strap / Metal Band
Swiss made