Canada’s largest and most-visited city Toronto, Ontario is a vibrant and dynamic city, with a population immediate to the city of almost 6 million people .Thanks to a reputation for openness, diversity, and inclusiveness and culturally active population, Toronto is considered a marquee destination for both business conferences, shows and tourism.

The business capital of Canada, Toronto is the second largest financial centre (following New York), the third largest tech hub, and the second-largest life sciences cluster in North America. The city consistently ranks in the top five conference destinations in North America.

Outside the Toronto Timepiece Show venue, awaits one of North America’s most vibrant, cosmopolitan cities. The iconic CN Tower, spikes a skyscraper-filled horizon, overlooking Toronto, an ethnically-diverse major city, boasting dynamic arts and culture, world-class dining, a bustling nightlife and internationally-acclaimed music. Often referred to as ‘Hollywood North’, Toronto’s thriving film industry, is highlighted by the world-renowned Toronto International Film Festival. Home to four major professional sports teams (including the 2019 NBA champions, the Toronto Raptors), the city perpetually projects an unmistakable big-league, big-city vibe visitors and conference delegates desire.

Aside from Toronto’s desirable culture and infrastructure, its strategic location is also a plus for attendees. Getting to Toronto is easy, especially for visitors from outside of Canada. The city is in close proximity to major U.S cities such as Boston, New York City and Washington, D.C. and its airport Pearson International is a major travel hub for flights.

Toronto is the gateway to Canada, and with 1,100 daily flights arriving from 55 countries around the globe, it is a destination that is appealing for international meetings. With some 38,000+ guest rooms available in the Toronto area, there are many choices of accommodation to meet every visitor's needs and budget. Toronto has all the name brands global travellers seek with plenty of upscale boutique shopping venues to choose from as well.